Trance Music Mastering

We are the masters of trance music mastering

I love trance music, and I love mastering trance music to make it sound it’s best!

Mastering trance music is as delicate as classical music in a lot of cases! This is what we believe and your music deserves the best. We understand trance music as we have mastered, mixed and produced it for 20 years, week in week out!

We have found some other online mastering houses just throw a limiter on to make it louder, yet destroy all dynamics and width within a track! This is wrong! Mastering trance music properly takes years of learning and  experience mastering many trance tracks.

Mastering trance music is an art as well as technical. We use a mix of digital plugins and analog tools to get the cleanest, punchiest and most beautiful sound.

Trance music has a history of over 25 years, with beautiful synths and flowing pads.

To get the best, you need a skilled mastering engineer who knows the music as well as a highly accurate room and speakers.

This is so you can judge the low end perfectly as well as getting your mids and highs just right and spaced perfectly.

We have mastered, mixed and engineered many different forms of trance from uplifting trance , psy trance, hard trance, progressive trance, uplifting trance and euphoric trance, commercial trance.

It’s so important when mastering trance music that the frequency spectrum is kept clean, punchy and consistent.

This means it will sounds amazing on a large format club & festival sound system as well as radio, iPods and TV.

A trance mastering engineer who knows what they are doing can bring a good trance mix to something very special.

A true mastering engineer who is great at mastering trance will be able to give you the perfect balance of everything you need.

As we said before mastering trance is an art!

Trance Mastering

We have many years of experience mastering trance music.

At Space16 Mastering we use Wavelab Pro alongside a mastering chain of digital and analog tools.

As well as using our full range monitoring system, we also test your music on a range of other systems.

These include headphones, iPod Earbuds & a small Hi-Fi System. This means that your trance tracks sounds as good as possible on all playback systems. From Club to iPod.

Trance Music Mastering Online

Here for you and your music…

We work closely with our customers and understand that every project and their sound is different. Over the years we have mastered Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance, Psytrance, Hard Trance and many more similar styles.

You can even send reference tracks of music you like the sound of. This gives us an idea of the results you’re looking for dynamically and tone wise. Alternatively you can just leave us to do our magic.

Trance tracks we have mastered have been played on radio and at festivals by


Trance originated from the UK new-age scene and the 1990s german techno and hardcore scene.

Trance music can have a tempo ranging from 125–150 bpm and incorporate elements from different genres including dubstep. techno, house, pop, chillout, classical, tech house, ambient, orchestral, film, drum and bass but to name a view.

Trance has been made popular one the last 30 years by artists such as Dash Berlin, Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Push, Rank 1.

Trance had its heyday in the late 90’s early 2000’s with it dominating Ibiza and party cities and towns all over the globe.

Trance music over the years has progressed and changed and has loads of different sub genres including but not limited to,

  • Acid trance
  • Classic trance 
  • Hard trance
  • Hardstyle (hardcore and hard trance fusion
  • Progressive
  • Uplifting trance
  • Psytrance
  • Progressive Trance
  • Tech Trance
  • Orchestral uplifting trance

Mastering Trance music correctly is a key to getting DJs to play your tracks. To make sure you get the best out of your music we can offer free mix advice. This can help get rid of any issues that may show up in the mastering process and effect the finished product.

“Trance Is Life”

We guarantee that getting your trance and electronic music mastered at space16 will bring a whole new life to your productions!

What we can offer you..

  • Custom mastering: We don’t use presets OR automated systems! Original Track = Original Mastering!
  • Quick, Easy & Hassle Free Ordering
  • Your orders first revision will be with you in a maximum of 5 working days.
  • FREE Mix Advice on your track or album (if requested), before we start the mastering process!
  • Any type of file and resolution is accommodated – AIFF. WAV, 24 / 32 Bit etc
  • Over 20 years experience in Trance Music Production and Mastering Trance Music!
  • Friendly customer service – We like to keep everyone in the loop!
  • Discounts available for bulk orders, regular clients and record labels!
  • Also Available is CD Mastering for albums and E.p’s – Mixed or Unmixed!
  • Your tracks come back a stunning as possible with the best quality mastering!
Trance Music Mastering

Client Reviews

Sam at Space 16 provides a world class mastering service.

Unlike many of their competitors he understands music and is therefore able to deliver fantastic results across the many genres I work on.

Great communication, highly recommended!

Heff Moraes (Grammy Winning Engineer)

Annie Lennox, Whitney Houston, Cher, Boyzone, Steel Bangles, AJ Tracey, Sarm Studios, Tape London Studios,

Space16 is Magic!

And Sam is the Magic Man!

What have you done to our recordings? They sound phenomenal!

Bianca Acca,

MTV - International Talent and Music Director


Space 16’s Mastering Service is truly one of a kind! Their engineers work diligently and FAST to get your mix sounding proper and to your specifications! Very glad I chose them for my mastering needs!

Pablo Artigas (DJ/Producer)
ASOT, Armada, FSOE,

Sam at Space 16 provides a world class mastering service.

Unlike many of their competitors he understands music and is therefore able to deliver fantastic results across the many genres I work on.

Great communication, highly recommended!

Heff Moraes (Grammy Winning Engineer)

Annie Lennox, Whitney Houston, Cher, Boyzone, Steel Bangles, AJ Tracey, Sarm Studios, Tape London Studios,

Space16 helped me with the audio mastering, mixing and syncing on many of my video projects including live concert performances and events. Their talent, ability and expertise is second to none...

Law Cefre
Cefre Creative / London

Yesterday during a Radio Interview I mentioned you and the high quality work you have done with our Jazz album CD mastering. THANK YOU!

Fabio Lannino

2 of US / Jazz Group Italy


Trance Music Mastering Prices

  • 1 track £50
  • 2 tracks £90
  • 3 tracks £135
  • 4 tracks £180
  • 5 tracks £225
  • 6 tracks £270
  • 7 tracks £315
  • 8 tracks £360
  • 9 tracks £400
  • 10 tracks £420

Why not try our trance mastering free preview service?

Send us your track then we will send you a 30 – 50 second sample!

Only pay when you’re satisfied to receive the full track!

We’re that confident!

Online Trance Mastering FAQ

What Is Mastering?

After recording and mixing, mastering is usually the next stage. Mastering is also the final last quality check before release.

Trance Mastering helps your trance music sound amazing on as many different systems as possible. 

You will hear the mix is more detailed, controlled and of course louder if needed.

What Is Online Trance Mastering?

Online trance mastering is a remote service whereby tracks are sent in over the internet and files are returned the same way.

This is different to an attended mastering sessions where the artist, management, label are in the room at the same time.

Can I attend a mastering session?

Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions we are unable to do attended mastering sessions at this point in time.

They are also usually more expensive as are charged by the hour.

However we are looking at ways we can have remote attended mastering sessions and will hopefully have something up shortly.

How do I send my files to be mastered?

You can send them to us via our WeTransfer – You can send files upto 20gb in size so more than enough for a few albums!

How do I pay?

There are 2 ways to pay for your mastering,


  1. Goto the Order Form Here and select the service you want and you can pay online
  2. Contact us and we can send you an invoice which you can pay online. This is better for custom jobs or if you need a proper invoice for your records.
I only have 1 track to master now but can I buy 4 and use the other 3 later because its cheaper?

YES! Of course, When you buy them please just drop us an email and let us know.

What files do I receive back from mastering?

Master – 24bit 44.1KHz Wav

Video Master – 24bit 48kHz Wav

Streaming Master – 24bit 44.1kHz Wav

MP3 – (320kbs MP3)

(If you need a CD Master 16bit 44.1khz Wav please let us know, It’s not as common as it use to be)

Can I hear a trance mastering preview without paying?

Yes, we can do a short a 30 – 50 second preview for all new clients so you can hear what our trance mastering can do for you before paying. Then if you would like the whole master you can pay and then it’s yours! Please contact us.

Were a trance label - Do you do any discounts?

Please Contact Us so we can discuss options and ideas.

Can we put Space16 On the credits for mastering?

Absolutely, We would love you too. You don’t have too. But if you do please let us know so we can see 🙂

Our masters have been played by top trance DJ’s such as – Armin Van Buuren (ASOT), Tiesto, Markus Schulz (GDJB), Above & Beyond and Aly and Fila!

Have a listen to some of our Mastering work… The sound of the clip will go from Unmastered to Mastered every few seconds.

Discounts and promotions given to regular clients and record labels.

Before you send us your track please check our Preparing Your Music For Mastering & Mixing guide.

Over the festive period we decided to have a think and came up with our top 20 trance tracks of all time, some are classics and some are current, but they all share one common thing. They are just amazingly good tunes! Space16’s top 20 trance tracks.