Stem Mastering & Mixing

Online Stem Mastering is perfect for those tracks that need a little more control in the mastering process

Stem Mastering

Up to 8 Tracks

Stem mastering is different to 2 track mastering. Instead of sending us a single file you send us up to 8 tracks (Mono or Stereo) of grouped instruments (e.g. Bass, Kick, Drums, Lead 1, Lead 2, Vocals, FX).

Online Stem Mastering

More Control of the Track

We then have more control in the mastering stage making more detailed adjustments. However we don’t do things such as major volume automation, adding effects or tuning vocals etc. This would need to be done during the mixdown of the track by the mix engineer.


Revisions Included 

We understand you want more then 1 revision so we offer upto 3 free with the price. Meaning if you want any changes to the final stem master all you have to do is ask.

Our online stem mastering: Easy access to high quality professional stem mastering!

From anywhere in the world

Punch, Width & Clarity!

This is what you will be getting with a well engineered stem master. It will take an ok sounding mixed track to a wide, clear and punchy master.

Fast Turnaround

48 Hour Turnaround (Monday to Saturday)

Wav & MP3 Included

With all our mastering, stem mastering and mixing packages we send both .WAV .MP3 and Streaming versions of the track.


We encourage you to send over references of tracks and artists you would like to sound like. This gives us a better idea where you want to be with the mastering.

Stem Mastering Prices

  • 1 track £100
  • 2 tracks £200
  • 3 tracks £285
  • 4 tracks £380
  • 5 tracks £475

Stem mastering is called many different names including stem sub mixes and separation mastering.