Stem Mastering & Mixing

Online Stem Mastering is perfect for those tracks that need a little more control in the mastering process

Use of up to 8 Tracks

Stem mastering is different to 2 track mastering. Instead of sending us a single file you send us up to 8 tracks (Mono or Stereo) of grouped instruments for mastering (e.g. Bass, Kick, Drums, Lead 1, Lead 2, Vocals, FX).

More Control of the Track

Our engineer has more control over the master of the record and specific parts of the track that may need attention. We don’t do things such as major volume automation*, and don’t add effects or tune vocals.

Different to Full Mixing

Stem mastering is different to our Full Mixing Service which we work with unprocessed parts and effects separately, as mixing balances all separate instruments individually along with reverbs, delays and processing.

It’s certainly worth considering stem mastering if you feel your music lacks real punch, width or clarity as it gives us more control to get things as you want them.

We always use high quality analogue equipment for stem mastering such as Manley, Summit Audio, Culture Vulture, Maselec, PMC & Generic Monitors as well as hand picked plugins that we have tried and tested extensively.

Stem mixing is a method of mixing audio material based on creating groups of audio tracks and processing them separately prior to combining them into a final master mix. Stems are also sometimes referred to as submixes, subgroups, or busses.

Stem mastering is a technique derived from stem mixing. Just like in stem mixing, the individual audio tracks are grouped together to allow for independent control and signal processing of each stem and can be manipulated independently from each other.

Stem Mastering Prices

  • 1 track £80
  • 2 tracks £144
  • 3 tracks £216
  • 4 tracks £272
  • 5 tracks £340

Stem mastering is called many different names including stem sub mixes and separation mastering.

We like communication between ourselves and our clients.

Therefore we really appreciate notes about what you like and what you think can be improved about your mix (i.e. ‘Synths don’t sound wide enough.’, ‘The bass is muddy with the kick.’, ‘I like the way the snare sounds and the lead synths cut through the mix.’). Just so we don’t take away what you like as well as improving those you don’t like.