Online Mixing

Got the perfect sounds and arrangement? Can’t get that perfect mix? Don’t have time or the experience? Try our Online Mixing Service


One of the most important parts of song production is the mix. It can take a track from sounding ok to sounding like a hit song. Each part of the song is finely balanced and processed so they work together.

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing & Mastering

Along with mixing, all our packages come with mastering included which means you have a fully finished product at the end. You can then release them or send them labels with full confidence.


Alternative Versions

Along with the mix and master we can also supply alternative versions, such as dubs, performance & acapellas. We can also produce extended or radio edit versions for an extra fee.

Mixing Revisions

With our packages we offer 3 revisions for you to give us notes on parts of the mix you would like changed. We’re here to get it sounding how you want it.


We can use reference tracks you give us to let us hear the sound you are aiming for. This ensures we deliver exactly the right mix you are thinking of for your music.

Fast Turnaround

We will send you the first version of the mix within 5 days, If you need it faster please let us know as we can do faster turnarounds for an extra cost.

Discounts for EP’s, Albums and Unsigned Artists

Please Contact us if you have more then one track you need mixed. We can offer discounts upto 30%.

Online Mixing Prices

  • Up to 24 stems/parts £199
  • 25 to 48 stems/parts £299
  • 49 to 96 stems/parts £399

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