Rock Music Mastering

Mastering Rock'N'Roll to Indie - Heavy Metal to Britpop

Why not try our free rock mastering preview service? Send us your track then we will send you a 50 second sample! Only pay when you’re satisfied to receive the full track! We’re that confident!

Mastering rock music can be a challenge, even for an experienced engineer. Mastering in rock music can add a certain depth and sound to the music and it totally depends on the sub genre of rock your working with. Heavy metal for instance is known for being loud and extreme in a lot of cases, where as soft rock is known for its subtlety and carefully crafted passages and dynamics. As well as thing some rock music benefits greatly by being mastered on analogue and tube gear to give it a real vintage sound.

Because of this we always use high quality outboard for mastering your rock music including PMC and Genelec Monitors, Manley, Summit Audio, Culture Vulture, Maselec & tried and tested plugins we have handpicked out of the thousands that are out there. We don’t take shortcuts here at Space16, but have found other places do.

We take your music seriously here so we do our upmost to get yours sounding the best it can with the right tone and feel. A properly mixed and mastered rock track can stand out miles ahead of its competition.

We master all types of rock including, rock and roll, alternative rock, alternative metal, britpop, hard rock, electronic rock, punk rock, indie rock, funk rock, death rock, heavy metal. In fact any sub genre of rock you can think of…

Don’t forget we also offer mixing for rock music and stem mastering if you feel you need something more to help with your productions.

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Rock Music Mastering Price Guide

  • Rock Music Mastering 1 Track – £15
  • Rock Music Mastering 2 Tracks – £28
  • Rock Music Mastering up-to a 4 Track EP – £50
  • Rock Music Mastering up-to a 15 Track Album – £100

Discounts and promotions given to regular clients and record labels.
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You might be saying to yourself “I can do it myself” but here are a few reasons why mastering your own rock music may not be such a good idea…

You have spent a lot of time, sweat and tears over it and are probably quite emotionally invested in the track as well. With this in mind you might not be able to make rational decisions about what’s needed. You may have spent the last 3 days getting the mix right and as such your ears are accustomed to the sound. A fresh pair of ears is worth its weight in gold!

Accurate monitoring. In home studios and a lot of mixing studios the acoustics in the room are not always the best for mastering. Mastering rooms are designed for this exact task mastering. Really hearing every little thing in detail.

Knowing the equipment and what’s right for the job! Just because someone uses a piece of hardware or a plugin on one track and it sounds good does not mean it will sound great on every track. A good mastering engineer will know how their equipment sounds and what’s right for the job and most importantly – how to use it!