Hip Hop Mastering Service

Online Hip-Hop Mastering

Hip Hop is about feeling, getting your message across and hard hitting bass and drums. We have been mastering hip hop releases for over 10 years and know how to make your track stand out.

We mastered the recent track Fashion Week by Steel Bangelz that got to number 7 in the charts as well as various other tracks for labels such as Island and Universal records.

We use the same high quality equipment as we do any type of music including PMC and Genelec Monitors, Manley, Summit Audio, Culture Vulture, Maselec & tried and tested plugins we have handpicked out of the thousands that are out there. We don’t take shortcuts here at Space16, but have found other places do.

Why not try our hip hop music mastering free preview service? Send us your track then we will send you a 50 second sample! Only pay when you’re satisfied to receive the full track! We’re that confident!

  • Hip Hop Mastering 1 Track – £25
  • Hip Hop Mastering 2 Tracks – £45
  • Hip Hop Mastering 3 Tracks – £68
  • Hip Hop Mastering 4 Tracks – £85
  • Hip Hop Mastering 5 Tracks – £106
  • Hip Hop Mastering 6 Tracks – £128
  • Hip Hop Mastering 7 Tracks – £149
  • Hip Hop Mastering 8 Tracks – £160
  • Hip Hop Mastering 9 Tracks – £180
  • Hip Hop Mastering 10 Tracks – £188

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Discounts and promotions given to regular clients and record labels.
We are also happy to supply the following services for your hip-hop music, Online Mixing and Stem Mastering