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Tech house has a feeling and groove only those who are into it can describe! We love making it sound it’s best and proper mastering can give that added bit of groove and shine. Mastering Tech House is more art than it is technicalities. We still use the highest grade analogue equipment and digital plugins as we would mastering any other type of music. We have found some other online mastering houses just throw a limiter on to make it louder, yet destroy all dynamics and width within a track! This is wrong. Mastering Tech House is as delicate as classical music in a lot of cases! This is what we believe and your music deserves the best. We understand Tech House as we have mastered, mixed and produced it for over 8 years!

It’s so important when mastering Tech House that all your frequencies are clean, punchy and consistent so that it sounds amazing on a large format club system, and so you can feel the groove of the lows and have clarity and groove still in the mid and high range, You want those sizzling hats grooving away without pulling your eardrums out don’t you! But not forgetting radio play, TV and online sites like youtube. A Tech House mastering engineer who knows what they are doing will be able to keep this all in an equal balance.

Tech House is a feeling!

We guarantee that getting your Tech House and electronic music productions mastered here at space 16 will bring a whole new life to your productions! Try our free preview service if you don’t believe us!

What we can offer you..

  • Custom mastering for each track, we don’t use presets OR automated systems! Original Track = Original Mastering!
  • Quick, Easy & Hassle Free Ordering
  • Your orders first revision will be with you in under 48 hours, and revisions within 72!
  • FREE Mix Advice on your track or album (if requested), before we start the mastering process!
  • Any type of file and resolution is accommodated – AIFF. WAV, 24 / 26 Bit etc
  • Over 15 years experience in Trance Music!
  • Friendly customer service – We like to keep everyone in the loop!
  • Discounts available for bulk orders, regular clients and record labels! As low as £18 A Track!
  • Also Available is CD Mastering for albums and E.p’s – Mixed or Unmixed!
  • Your tracks come back a stunning as possible with the best quality master!

A true engineer who is great at mastering Tech House will be able to give you the perfect balance of everything you need. As we said before mastering Tech House is an art!

Tech House Mastering Prices

  • 1 track £50
  • 2 tracks £90
  • 3 tracks £135
  • 4 tracks £180
  • 5 tracks £225
  • 6 tracks £270
  • 7 tracks £315
  • 8 tracks £360
  • 9 tracks £400
  • 10 tracks £420

Why not try our tech house mastering free preview service? Send us your track then we will send you a 50 second sample! Only pay when you’re satisfied to receive the full track! We’re that confident!

Discounts and promotions given to regular clients and record labels.

Before you send us your track please check our Preparing Your Music For Mastering & Mixing guide.