Hard Dance Mastering

Hard House, Hard Trance, Hardcore, NRG, Hardstyle

We understand how hard dance music should sound, and we want yours to sound the best.

Hard dance also needs to sound it’s best on a variety of systems whether in a club or festival, in a car or on the radio. Mastering hard dance music correctly means it will translate as best as possible on all systems.

At Space16 Mastering we use Wavelab Pro alongside a mastering chain of digital and analog tools.

As well as using our full range monitoring system, we also test your music on a range of other systems.

These include headphones, iPod Earbuds & a small Hi-Fi System. This means that your trance tracks sounds as good as possible on all playback systems. From Club to iPod.

Hard Dance Mastering Prices

  • 1 track £50
  • 2 tracks £90
  • 3 tracks £135
  • 4 tracks £180
  • 5 tracks £225
  • 6 tracks £270
  • 7 tracks £315
  • 8 tracks £360
  • 9 tracks £400
  • 10 tracks £420

Why not try our free hard dance mastering preview service? Send us your track then we will send you a 50 second sample! Only pay when you’re satisfied to receive the full track! We’re that confident!

Discounts and promotions given to regular clients and record labels.

We pride ourselves on our mastering for dance music service and even have a mix review service. We can take a listen and let you know how the mix could be improved before you step into getting your track mastered.