Online Dubstep Mastering

Get your dubstep mastered to sound punchy, rich & full

A professional dubstep mastering engineer will use special mastering tools to get the last ounce of quality out of the music. The bass in dubstep is one of the most crucial factors, and this can benefit greatly by being processed on hi quality equipment and monitors to give the best punch and depth. As well as the bass the riffs and vocals of tracks should be clean and thumping.

At Space16 Mastering we use Wavelab Pro alongside a mastering chain of digital and analog tools.

As well as using our full range monitoring system, we also test your music on a range of other systems.

These include headphones, iPod Earbuds & a small Hi-Fi System. This means that your trance tracks sounds as good as possible on all playback systems. From Club to iPod.

One major factor in mastering dubstep is having a room that is sonically accurate and mastering grade monitors so you can judge the low end and make sure it translates on other systems such as clubs, festivals, radio and in the car.

One element that can be heard in different sub genres of dubstep is the “wub” or wobble bass. This type of bass is made using LFO’s to control different elements of the sound such as volume, filers, distortion, attack and decay. This type of bass sound is extremely prominent in club friendly and commercial dubstep.

Online Mastering Prices

  • 1 track £50
  • 2 tracks £90
  • 3 tracks £135
  • 4 tracks £180
  • 5 tracks £225
  • 6 tracks £270
  • 7 tracks £315
  • 8 tracks £360
  • 9 tracks £400
  • 10 tracks £420

Why not try our dubstep mastering free preview service? Send us your track then we will send you a 50 second sample! Only pay when you’re satisfied to receive the full track! We’re that confident!

Discounts and promotions given to regular clients and record labels.

We pride ourselves on our mastering for dance music service and even have a mix review service. We can take a listen and let you know how the mix could be improved before you step into getting your track mastered.