Advantages of Online Mastering

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Here are the advantages of online mastering compared to “attended sessions”

Firstly it is a mistaken belief that online mastering studios are of lower quality than your local studio. The fact is that we offer the same quality of work and are equipped with the same (or higher) specification equipment and experience. We have spent years working within the industry perfecting the skills to take your track that one step further.

On first thought it may seem a bit odd to send your tracks to a complete stranger over the internet to get them mastered. Your would be surprised the amount of work we get from young and old musicians alike to give it that final shine, you will be surprised when you hear the final product in the end. Let me explain…

There are many advantages to you having your tracks mastered online via services such as ours….

Mastering houses can charge upwards of £100 an hour for you to sit in on a session (these are called “attended “sessions), yet with online mastering it can cut costs by two thirds and you get to make alterations without it costing more money as it would cost you paying by the hour.

You can also listen to the master on your own monitors, car stereo, hi-fi etc, this means you can listen in your own time and on systems you know rather then going into a studio and listening to speakers that you’re not familiar with.

You don’t need to leave the comfort of your studio or home to attend the session, so you can get on with being more creative with your next project. The amount of time this saves in considerable especially if you don’t have a mastering studio near you.

Online mastering can often be a lot quicker then having to book an attend session, with busy mastering houses the waiting time for a booking slot can be over a week or two! The advantage of online mastering is that you can get your master as quickly as 24 hours from it being received by us.

So lets take a look at the advantages….

  • Cheaper then conventional “Attended Mastering Sessions”
  • Faster then booking time and going into a studio
  • Convenience by sending your files straight from your studio or home
  • No Traveling or travelling costs
  • Listen to the master previews on your own systems
  • More time for you to spend on new projects

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