Online Mixing:

Space16 | Online Mixing Services

Got the perfect sounds and arrangement? Can’t get that perfect mix? Don’t have time or the experience? Try our Online Mixing Service

Our online mixing services are available to anyone anywhere.

We provide high-end mixing which includes both traditional high-end analogue and specially selected plugins to give your mixes the most professional sound.

We take great care while mixing your music to stay to the style of the type of music you make. it’s very important for us to have as much information as possible about how you’d like your song to sound, so please send us a few tracks similar to the sound you like and some of your own ideas, i.e. “I would like this to sound like Armin”, or “I’d really like this to sound like an Axwell song”, “Can you make sure the kick and bass are the things that drive the track”, “I would like the vocals to sound spacey but really at the front” etc. If you have a rough mix, then please send that too! Tell us what you like and don’t like about it. This means when we sit down and set up your mix we have all the information possible which will give you even better results, and won’t leave us second guessing. If you don’t have any specific ideas you can always just let us do what we do the best.

Hear yourself how we can make your music sound. Send us a track and hear 50 sec demo mixed for FREE, and no risk.

All our packages also include our Mastering service for the final mix to be as good as possible.

Prices vary depending on the amount of tracks are needed to be mixed but does not change weather its a 3 Minuet song or a 10 Minuet remix.

  • Upto 24 Tracks = £130 / €155 / $200
  • Upto 48 Tracks = £175 / €205 / $270
  • Upto 96 Tracks = £250 / €295 / $385