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Convenient, Cost Effective, High-End Online Mastering

By working with us you are selecting a highly experienced mastering engineer, high end equipment and the best results for your music. Here at Space16 we don’t just work with music we are passionate and dedicated.

Why not try our free mastering preview service? Send us your track then we will send you a 50 second sample! Only pay when your satisfied to receive the full track! Were that confident!

Mastering to us is a passion, we have been mastering music for years and love to get that extra percent to a track that’s just come out of the studio.

Here at Space16 we use the highest quality outboard and plugins to achieve the ultimate sound for you, including, Manley, Summit Audio, Culture Vulture, Maselec , PMC & Genelec Monitors as well as hand picked plugins that we have tried and tested extensively.

We also test your music on a range of systems from headphones, iPod Earbuds & HiFi systems to check that your music sounds good on all playback mediums, so your master will sound great on any system or situation. Our prices may be cost effective but we really don’t like to cut corners on equipment or time for your music.

After all your music is our business

We like to work closely with our customers and understand that every project and their sound is different. We have worked on music from Trance to Rock, Drum N Bass to Chillout. We love constant communication with our clients and believe this is a very important part of getting the very best results. We encourage you to send reference tracks of music you like the sound of to give us an idea of the results you’re looking for dynamically, or you can just leave us to do our magic.

All our files are Mastered for iTunes and comply with apples “Mastered for iTunes Programme”

What we offer you….

  • Custom mastering for each track, we don’t use presets OR automated systems! Original Track = Original Mastering!
  • Quick, Easy & Hassle Free Ordering
  • Your orders first revision will be with you in under 48 hours, and revisions within 72!
  • FREE Mix Advice on your track or album (if requested), before we start the mastering process!
  • Any type of file and resolution is accommodated – AIFF. WAV, 24 / 26 Bit etc
  • Over 20 years experience!
  • Friendly customer service – We like to keep everyone in the loop!
  • Discounts available for bulk orders, regular clients and record labels! As low as £18 A Track!
  • Also Available is CD Mastering for albums and E.p’s – Mixed or Unmixed!
  • Your tracks come back a stunning as possible with the best quality master!

We also have a dedicated Dance Music Mastering Service

Check out our Online Rock Music Mastering.

We offer amazing Online Tech House Mastering

The low cost, high end solution to your online mastering needs

Online Mastering Prices –

  • Online Mastering 1 Track – £15
  • Online Mastering 2 Tracks – £28
  • Online Mastering up-to a 4 Track EP – £50
  • Online Mastering up-to a 15 Track Album – £100

Discounts and promotions given to regular clients and record labels.
To order mastering please fill out the form on our contact page.

We accept Paypal & Bank Transfer

Have a listen to some of our Mastering work… The sound of the clip will go from Unmastered to Mastered every few seconds

We also offer Stem Mastering for a more in-depth mastering solution!

I\\\'v tried a few and i\\\'v found one of the best...

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Space16 helped me with the audio mastering, mixing and syncing on many of my video projects including live concert performances and events. Their talent, ability and expertise is equal to none. They really understand both me as a client and my production process, and work closely with me to achieve the sound I want from start to finish. I highly recommend them to anyone needing audio mastering services. Especially Sam is a joy to work with and has always consistently come through with professional results that has made a great difference to the quality of my projects.